Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ergonomics I

1. Compare the 2 different workplaces, state your observations.

The person at the 1st workplace have difficulties in adjusting the height of the chair to suit himself at the table. He also had some difficulties finding a comfortable distance from the chair to the table as he is fidgeting. The person at the 2nd workplace is comfortable with his chair as he can lean back on the chair when he is typing. It seems to be a comfortable distance from the chair to the table. The metal part of the chair allow the person to lean back easily.

The person at the 1st workplace also had trouble reading the monitor's screen. He could not move the monitor on the table nearer to him. The person at the 2nd workplace could make use the monitor's arm to adjust the distance of the monitor nearer to him. It allows comfort for the 2nd person as he does not need to scrunch his eyes just to read off the monitor.

The 1st person could not find the perfect lighting for him. It is either too glaring or too dim. The design of the lights focused the lights onto the person's face while the lights at the 2nd person's workplace focused the lights at the object. Hence, the 2nd person would not have to endure the glaring light while still have sufficient light to see. 

The chair at the 1st person's workplace does not allow the person to move freely. He almost spilled his drink onto himself. The chair at the 2nd person's workplace has a adjustable armrest so that the person can move the armrest down when he is not using it. He will not have to worry that he will knock into the armrest. When he needs a support for his arms, then he will lift the armrest up. The design of the armrest allows the user to use armrest when needed without the armrest being a nuisance when it is not needed.

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