Monday, June 7, 2010

Holiday work - Part 1: Understanding "The Elderly Challenge"

  • Explain in your own words, the FOUR key recommendations of the report.
  • Housing for seniors, accessibility for seniors, caring for seniors and opportunities for seniors.
  • State ONE way that the CAI report is recommending to make our public housing more elderly-friendly
  • We can provide the elderly with more choices of housing by giving different length of land leases.
  • State TWO ways on how we can ensure that the quality of elderly care here in Singapore is affordable.
  • We can try to make sure that the food prices do not increase too much.
  • We can try to provide some fun activities for the elderly that will not need the elderly to spend a lot of money.
  • After reading the CAI report, what do you are the THREE things that you can do, as an SST student, to help overcome these elderly challenges
  • I can help out in elderly centers.
  • I can donate money to the elderly.
  • I can help by doing charity fairs to help elderly.

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