Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My (late) observations 1 and 2

Observation 1
I choose my grandmother to be the elderly in the limelight. As my grandmother saved up quite a bit of money when she was young so her elderly life is not that difficult. As my grandmother fell down 2 years ago, it has restricted her walking now. She can walk without the walking aid but it will be more comfortable for her with it. In my grandmother's house, most of the furniture are all by the side. The others are mostly movable. The toilets have the non-slippery tiles to prevent my grandmother to slip and fall again. So, the main point is to prevent my grandmother to fall.

Observation 2
How my grandmother does her daily routines

Before she fell down, she will walk to the back of my aunt's house which is 2 apartments away to pluck the chilli padi. Then she will start to prepare to go the market. At 8, she will cook for my uncles. After that, then she will start the household chores.

After she fell down, she will wake up later. Then she will ask my cousin to go to the market to buy groceries. Then she will start to cook.

Before my grandmother fell down, she was a person who likes to travel or just go out. Now, she will not go out as often as before unless somebody is driving a car. We still play mahjong with her to prevent her from getting dementia. So, after she fell down, her life did not change much as she would still be willing to go out.

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